Benefits of Learning, a Dose of "Medicine" During a Pandemic.

There are a lot of practical reasons to make learning a habit, but the best reason is that we are learning creatures, and the lifelong practice of learning is what makes us humans and our lives worthwhile.  Here are some worthwhile benefits:

Learning a wide range of subjects gives us a range of perspectives since most of us specialize in few areas day after day, whether that be work or family/friend related.
Learning helps us more easily adapt to unexpected experiences.
Broadened knowledge of unfamiliar situations inspires us to think creatively.
Learning deepens our character.
Learning makes us more confident.
And, there’s the whole making life worthwhile thing.

Ways to Learn, find the fit that makes learning fun for you.

Written text:
Books – The great thing about books is they let you consume a lot of insights in a few hours. 

Podcasts – Maybe the number one biggest trends of the last decade.  You can find a podcast on any topic. 
Audiobooks – These can be a relaxing alternative to soak up information. I find audiobooks are a great way to calm down before bed, listen to on your commute or even while taking a walk.
Youtube – There’s hardly anything you can’t learn on Youtube. You can find a channel with hundreds of videos on the topic of your choice, guaranteed.
Movies – Contrary to the popular opinion that movies are a massive waste of time, you can actually learn quite a lot from them. Especially if you watch movies based on true events.
Documentaries – These are even closer to reality, and often not as long as a normal movie. You can watch many documentaries for free, on Youtube, or buy them in bulk for little money.
During these times, it is especially important to set a goal for learning. Learning something new can take up idle time that could otherwise be used for activities that aren't beneficial. Staying active and learning can help with boredom and becoming depressed during a stressful time.
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