Yearly Archives: 2019

Choosing to contribute to your community

Choosing to contribute to your community can be very rewarding and an extremely personal choice in how you decide to do it. However, for many of us, we find ourselves ever busier even though we have all the technology that we thought would give us more time. So how can we contribute to our community with our limited time and sometimes, resources. Here are some things, that knowing, can help motivate you to contribute, withstanding the roadblocks of life (time & resources) getting in the way. *Who would you like to help? Choosing who you want to help will always make it easier to contribute. What I mean is that it would motivate me to serve in an area that I am personally interested in. Also, maybe I want to choose something in an area that I want to learn more about. For example, volunteering at the Library if I loved literature or volunteering with Habitat for Humanity if I wanted to learn more about building.  *How often do you want to commit to thes ... read more

Moving from Winter weather to Spring

Now that we’re moving from Winter weather to spring we should all take stock of what impact the harsh Michigan winter has had on our cars. I know from experience that our vehicles maintenance issues can change drastically from fall to spring. I had to have my struts warrantied, was it the part or the rough winter conditions? From potholes, ice and snow to frigid temperatures, it can be a dicey game to get through winter without having some suspension or other system failures.  What can we do to minimize unwanted and unexpected vehicle failures? Here are some tips to keeping your car on the road instead of the back of a tow truck. Regular vehicle maintenance is key. From simple tire inflation and fluid checks to alignment and suspension checks, and don't forget to check those charging systems too.  Simply taking the time to check your fluids and also checking for proper tire inflation can alert you to future problems. Making sure you have proper ... read more

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