Car Starter Repair and Installation

Your car starter is essential to the proper function and safety of your vehicle. If you suspect there is a problem with your car starter, the auto repair experts at H&H Mobil will assess the issue and fix it quickly and completely. With our East Lansing car starter repair shop is located conveniently at the Corner of Haslett Rd and Hagadorn, you can bring your car in easily and we will make a car starter replacement or make repairs so you can get back on the road as soon as possible. If you are looking for the convenience of remote car starter, our experts can safely and securely install it for you!


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Our Car Starter Evaluation and Repair Process

At H&H Mobil, our auto repair team will quickly assess the problem with your car starter and give you the best recommendations for car starter repair or replacement. The evaluation process is simple and straightforward. First, bring your vehicle in for a car starter evaluation with our East Lansing car starter repair team. We’ll investigate the problems you’ve had with your starter, including a slow start, grinding sound, whining, or something else. The problem may be fixed with a few repairs or it may require a car starter replacement. Once the starter repair or replacement is evaluated, our team will suggest the best fix. Finally, we can complete the repairs or new car starter replacement to restore your vehicle to full working order.

Remote Car Starter Installation

A remote car starter allows you to start your car with the push of a button. Your car will still be locked and secure, but it will be warming up or cooling off for you. This is an especially popular feature in Michigan, since it allows vehicle owners to warm up their car and melt frost without scraping the window. The convenience a remote starter provides cannot be underestimated. H&H Mobil conducts remote car starter installation for all types of vehicles and during all times of the year.

Not ready to schedule a car starter repair or replacement, but have a question?

Fill out our brief car diagnostic report and get your car starter repair questions answered by our team of East Lansing car repair experts at H&H Mobil.

Type of Cars We Service

We have experience with car starter repair, replacement, and remote start installation on a variety of automotive brands. Our East Lansing car starter repair shop specializes in:

  • Domestic and European Cars
  • Ford, Chrysler, GM
  • Toyotas, Lexus, Nissan, Infinity, Subaru
  • Hyundai, Honda, Acura, Mazda
  • BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Mini
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