7 Car Dashboard Lights You Shouldn't Ignore

Dashboard Light

There are many different car dashboard lights that come on throughout the lifetime of your car. Some, like your gas light, are fairly common and can cause you to become accustomed to seeing a light appear on your dashboard. However, some car dashboard lights are serious and require immediate attention.

Here are 7 car dashboard lights you shouldn’t ignore:

1. Brake Light

If the brake light comes on, this could mean one of three things. First, it could mean that your emergency brake is still on as you’re trying to drive. Make sure that it is in the off position before moving forward. It could also mean that your brake pads have worn down exposing the brake sensors that tell you it’s time to change your brakes. You should get your brakes checked immediately if that’s the case. A third reason this dashboard light may be on is if there is a problem with your automatic braking system (ABS). If this is the case it will require further diagnosing at an auto shop.

2. Oil Pressure Warning Light

Another car dashboard light you shouldn’t ignore is your oil pressure warning light. If this light turns on it means that your oil pressure or oil levels are low. You should pull over and turn off your car immediately to check oil levels and take it to an auto shop to assess the issue further. Running your car on low oil could cause it to abruptly stop and could damage your engine.

3. Check Engine Light

Your check engine light, although it could mean a multitude of things, is also a dashboard light you shouldn’t ignore. If this light comes on you should take it to a professional for further diagnosis. The top things a check engine light means is usually either a faulty oxygen sensor, a loose gas cap, a catalytic converter that need replacing or faulty spark plugs or plug wires.

4. Coolant Temperature Warning Light

A coolant temperature warning light is also a dashboard light you shouldn’t ignore. This means that your car’s temperature has reached an unsafe level. If this is the case you should turn your car off to let it cool down. Then you should check your coolant levels or look to see if coolant is leaking. You should also have your radiator cap or fan checked to make sure it is not malfunctioning.

5. Airbag Warning Light

An air bag is a crucial part to keeping you safe in your car. If your airbag warning light comes on, it isn’t something you should ignore. This light means that a fault has been found in an airbag located in the car. It’s highly recommended that your airbags and the system in place to get them to work be checked out to ensure that everything is working properly.

6. Battery or Charging Alert Light

Another car dashboard light you shouldn’t ignore is the battery or charging alert light. This light indicates that your batteries charging levels are low. This could mean that the battery terminals could be deteriorating or the battery itself needs replacing. It could also mean that the alternator belt is malfunctioning. If this light comes on you should be able to remaining driving, however turning off the car could cause the battery to die. It’s recommended that if this light comes on to bring your car to a shop to get the battery checked out, as the fix could be as simple and quick as swapping out the battery for a new one.

7. Transmission Temperature Warning Light

A final car dashboard light you shouldn’t ignore is the transmission temperature warning light. This light indicates that the car’s transmission has reached higher temperatures than usual, which could cause damage to the car. If this light comes on it’s important to let the car cool down. Once cooled, you’ll want to check coolant levels and make sure that your transmission fluid is at the recommended level.

Car dashboard lights can be easily ignored, especially if your car has a large variety of messages and lights triggered. However, it’s important that you can identify these 7 car dashboard lights because they can be serious. When in doubt about what your car light means, it’s important to seek a professional diagnosis.


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